New York

Shop ’til you drop

Saturday, August 20th, 2011

I now understand the saying shop ’til you drop. Although shopping in New York is an amazing experience, especially around Fifth Avenue, it is very, very exhausting, we even managed to tire Ben out who never gets tired of spending money.

Another visit to Hollister and Abercrombie as well as our new favourite Aeropostale, and we are all now as trendy as a ‘Teenager’…….

We bought some New York Deli sandwiches and picnicked in Central Park followed by a walk through the Park, we particularly liked watching the turtles in the boating lake.

After more shopping in the afternoon, we went to an 11 floor, 25 screen cinema in Times Square to watch Cowboys and Aliens, not at all what I expected, but how could a movie with James Bond and Indian Jones not be good.

The Big Apple

Thursday, August 18th, 2011

Set off early this morning, we had to drop our car off at LaGuardia airport by 1pm. The drive leaving Cape Code was far better than the torrential rain when we arrived, and despite the odd traffic jam and bridge tolls we made the drop off with a minute to spare.

Manhattan did not disappoint, it is still has the busiest streets I have ever seen with everyone jostling for a bit of space, you can see where the concept of American football came from every time you cross a road and you have to fight your way through the oncoming pedestrians.

Someone at Richard’s work had recommended the burgers at the Shake Shack on Madison Ave and Broadway, so we headed there for lunch. It was agreed they were the best and worth the 45 minute ‘line’.

We then walked up Broadway to Times Square and out to the Hudson river, don’t remember everything being quite so walkable, but we managed it back to the Empire State Building in time for sunset and hopefully have some great photos.